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lark stratton

Having grown up in Wyoming, I was influenced by the wide open vistas of land on the high plains and the Rocky Mountains. I was a potter/ceramic artist for nearly a quarter of a century, and showed in many galleries across the U.S.  Now as a painter, I'm excited by the power of color and bold strokes. Before moving to my current home in Ashland, Oregon I spent 25 years living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you for taking a look at my gallery!


" I love that, along with larger more costly paintings,  I can also sell small, unframed paintings at affordable prices. That gives you the opportunity to create your own gallery collection! I make contemporary, impressionistic, acrylic paintings on canvas and paper, using mark-making and texture with bold, rich pigment for people who love being surrounded by color. Since January 2019 I have made a painting a day."